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Aging With Dignity

Is it time for Assisted Living?

I love my parents and want them to be happy and safe in their own home.  When they moved into their condo association in their late sixties, I was thrilled.  Now ten years later, it doesn’t quite provide me with that sense of security anymore.  Mom is setting up Dad’s pills but forgets her own, neither feel comfortable listening to their doctor about another prescription.  I try to go over on Sunday for a visit, just so I can drop off a meal or two for the week.  I buy the new steamers and better microwave dinners just to find them still in their refrigerator or freezer because they’re not quite sure how to make them.  I have to go over on Tuesday because their garbage has to be taken to the street by Wednesday morning.  I always go over after a wind storm or one of them is in the yard trying to pick up branches; they have a hard enough time just walking let alone on uneven ground.  I hate the winter months because their mailbox is on the street, so do I go over every night after work? Then there is Friday night, I take over a drive through meal and discuss the workweek; I know this is their social time and I truly enjoy their company. I love my parents but when I do visit, they want to sit and visit and all I can do is think about all the things I should be doing for them.  My one hour stop-in turns into three hours with really good hugs and yes, I even watch Dancing with the Stars.  Now I need to go home to my family’s needs; somehow I get it all done.

The aging journey is not “controllable” or “predictable” it is journey that is dominated by the aging process and the dignity of our loved ones.  We all want our parents or spouse to age gracefully and to do that we need to be proactive and prioritize our safety concerns.  The next fall could be the fractured hip, hospitalization and surgery, rehabilitation in a nursing home then returning to their home where the tub is still too high to step into.

Questions regarding their health and well-being

  1. Are you setting up medications and ordering refills for someone else?

  2. Are doses of medications being missed or being taken at the wrong time of day?

  3. Have nutritional needs become an issue? (Not eating or noticeable weight loss)

  4. Are you noticing any confusion? Or, more confusion?

  5. Have there been recent falls or falls happening more frequently?

  6. Is good personal hygiene becoming an issue?

  7. Are you getting frequent phone calls with repetitive questions?

  8. Are you calling the doctor and/or visiting the emergency room?

  9. Have you noticed a change in mood or behavior?

  10. Do you sense the isolation from socialization either with family or friends is hindering them?

Questions regarding their living environment:

  1. Are the laundry facilities in the basement?

  2. Are there handicapped bars in the bathing areas or around the toiletries?

  3. Is most of their living area on one level or is the bedroom and bath separated by stairs?

  4. Do they have several steps to endure upon entering their home?

  5. Are there railings to hold on to even from the garage to the house? Who carries in groceries?

  6. Do they have a reliable lawn or snow removal service in place or is it your weekend duty?

  7. Are they still driving? Even at night?  Have you noticed their reaction time lately?

  8. Do they have a local support system to assist with daily needs or emergency calls?

  9. Is your time together becoming more work than an enjoyable visit?

The “Decision” is a big one and we know that there are many emotions involved.
Call us before the situation becomes unsafe.

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